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Photo:  New Kitchen Chairs  
Photo:  Ummm, Enough Said  
Photo:  The House Watch  
Photo:  Just Another Saturday  
Photo:  That Is Him Smiling  
Photo:  Mad-man  
Photo:  The Can Position  
Photo:  Sometimes For Fun We Take All The Stuff Off The Rig And Pile It In The Firehouse To See What It All Looks Like Without The Rig  
Photo:  Then We Race To See Who Can Put It Back Together The Fastest  
Photo:  Not Bad For A Spare  
Photo:  Senior Man Scowl  
Photo:  No Room For 2  
Photo:  The Kitchen Table Displaying The Names Of The Founding Officers and Members Of Squad 252  
Photo:  Our 9-11 Memorial Inscribed As Follows: "From This Day To The End Of The World We In It Shall Be Remembered We Lucky Few We Band Of Brothers."  
Photo:  Samson Seems To Be Fitting In Just Fine  
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